John is always interested to discuss new survival or self-reliance training opportunities and enjoys developing tailored, strategic programmes in consultation with companies, organisations or individuals. Here's a few examples of his recent work:

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secret compass: experience the extraordinary 

John has supported Secret Compass, a team of trusted experts who combine their passion for exploring with industry leading professionalism. The team asked for John's support on a bespoke trip with a survival skills element that ran in a remote part of Scotland's Highlands. A helicopter drop off on a summit was the beginning of a self reliance adventure for a father and daughter team. Great company and great views.   


survival training with survival wisdom

John was one of the founders of Survival Wisdom, a UK based self-reliance training company. He has been directly involved in designing the courses that they deliver to private and public clients worldwide. 



tailored survival & resilience training 

Over the last few years John has delivered self-reliance training to a huge range of people from all sorts of backgrounds. Supported by some of his partners, he designed a package for actress Teri Hatcher, who got in touch after enjoying watching John and friends on TV. Here's an article about her cornish adventure, that Teri wrote for Marie Claire.


survival training for aid agency shelterbox

The volunteers who go to far flung places with disaster response charity ShelterBox asked for some training in what to do if they were stuck overnight in a remote area. John designed the short package that helps them cope if they have their own emergency whilst they're away helping others who've just had their own.


training gallery

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