Natural Navigation

Natural Navigator Tristan Gooley Cover

I had a great time on Monday out exploring the Spring countryside with Tristan Gooley from

Walking with him you don’t need to rely on navigation equipment, but this was left alone for another reason. It was test day.

I’ve been lucky enough to learn natural navigation techniques from him over the past few years, followed by many weeks of practice in differing regions in between. And now it was all being brought together under his observation for his Instructor exam. Like so many outdoors skills, there’s always more to learn, so he spoke about what happens when plants wobble, and the shapes on the moon’s surface. Every corner of my understanding was examined, and finally put to practical test in finding a distant point I’d never seen before, in an area I’d never visited on foot. Above all the day was great fun, ending with the post exercise buzz from stretching my legs and my brain.

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And where was the test run? Well that’s a trade secret, isn’t it