Series Two of ‘Survive That!' aka ‘Dude, You're Screwed!'

Survive That

I’ve been away filming the second series of SurviveThat! / Dude, You’re Screwed with Terry, Jake, Matt and some new lads. We’ve been all over the place and had a great laugh doing it. Every trip raised the benchmark of what is a weird day for me; we’ve been into some very unusual locations.

I’ve practiced and honed my skills plus learned lots of new survival tips from the locals when I’ve been on BFOT duty. It’s set to premier on Discovery in the US in late October, then everywhere else after that.

Survival Training with Teri Hatcher

Survival Training with Teri Hatcher - John Hudson

Survival Training with Teri Hatcher - John Hudson

I had a fun week in the summer teaching Teri Hatcher a few survival skills. She got in touch after seeing Dude, You’re Screwed so I arranged a training package. Teri was really quick to learn, I threw a lot of information her way and it all stuck.

Our week covered the survival priorities, Protection from the elements, Location (getting rescued), Water, Food and some Natural Navigation through pretty fierce terrain. Here’s what Teri wrote about what she’d learned:

Teri Hatcher’s Marie Claire article

Natural Navigation

Natural Navigator Tristan Gooley Cover

I had a great time on Monday out exploring the Spring countryside with Tristan Gooley from

Walking with him you don’t need to rely on navigation equipment, but this was left alone for another reason. It was test day.

I’ve been lucky enough to learn natural navigation techniques from him over the past few years, followed by many weeks of practice in differing regions in between. And now it was all being brought together under his observation for his Instructor exam. Like so many outdoors skills, there’s always more to learn, so he spoke about what happens when plants wobble, and the shapes on the moon’s surface. Every corner of my understanding was examined, and finally put to practical test in finding a distant point I’d never seen before, in an area I’d never visited on foot. Above all the day was great fun, ending with the post exercise buzz from stretching my legs and my brain.

If you want to be put through your paces, learn cool stuff and join a pretty short list, have a look at to start your kit free journey.

And where was the test run? Well that’s a trade secret, isn’t it

New SERE Flipcards

I’ve updated the UK SERE flipcards that go in every survival pack on UK military aircraft. As ever it took less time to write than it did to publish- they’re printed onto toned down and waterproof paper. It’s designed to be a memory jogger for downed aircrew in liferafts, remote wilderness or enemy territory. An aide memoire is important in survival situations as your mental faculties can be overwhelmed and it’s hard to remember stuff you did in training that may have been a while ago.

JSP 374 SERE Flipcards

SERE Training Film

Behind the camera on the SERE Level A DVD

I was the subject matter expert chosen to advise on all Survival and Personnel Recovery content of the UK’s new SERE (Survival, Evasion, Resistance and Extraction) training film, which is watched by all UK service personnel annually and before their operational deployments overseas. I was heavily involved behind the scenes at every shoot and had a great deal of input into the writing, direction and editing process.

Shortlist Magazine

Shortlist Survival

Surviving without luxuries: How would today’s generation of office workers cope in the outdoors? Shortlist Magazine sent Joe Ellison into the wild to see if he could last 24 hours with basic survival skills. John Hudson and the Survival Wisdom team were there to help him acquire enough know-how to get through the night in a remote Cornish woodland location. Read the rest of the article here.

Images courtesy Tom Miles Photography

UK Military Survival Manual: JSP 911

JSP 911 v1.3

I've created the new joint services survival training manual, JSP 911, which is the main reference manual for military survival instructors in the UK and several other NATO countries. Pictured here is my well-thumbed edits draft, before going to print. It brings together years of research and experience by the military survival community, in one cohesive resource.

I worked exclusively on the 170,000 word tome – researching and updating the facts, adding and re-writing new material – for an intensive period of 6 months. However, this is a living document, which is added to and edited by myself and also other senior instructors on an annual basis.