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John Hudson, Chief Survival Instructor to the British Military, knows what it takes to survive. Combining first-hand experience with 20 years of studying the choices people have made under the most extreme pressure, How to Survive is a lifetime’s worth of wisdom about how strategies for dealing with life or death situations can help us excel in our everyday lives.

In this book, John shows you how to restructure your thinking in order to self-motivate, prioritise effectively, cultivate perseverance and expand your boundaries – helping you to tackle any obstacle in a positive, confident way.

Through gripping first-hand accounts of near disaster and survival stories from across the extreme world, you’ll learn that – by following simple key principles – anyone can develop the right type of mindset to make better decisions under pressure, and you’ll discover crucial skills which are as applicable to job interviews and presentations as they are to climbing Everest or being lost at sea.

How to Survive will be released by Pan Macmillan on 27th June 2019.

When it comes to survival and getting out of trouble, listen to this man. John is the real deal.
— Levison Wood, Author & Explorer
With clarity and humour, this book does what it says on the tin. John is the go-to-guy for survival wisdom.
— Tristan Gooley, Author & Natural Navigator
A brilliant, brilliant book.
— Chris Evans, Broadcaster


25 Jun 2019

18:30 Bristol, Stanfords – An Evening with John Hudson.

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26 Jun 2019

19:00 London, Stanfords Bookshop – Join John as he celebrates the launch of his book How to Survive.

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30 Jun 2019

14:15 Kala Sangam Arts centre, Bradford, Yorkshire – John will be talking about his book How to Survive at Bradford Literature Festival.

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18 July 2019

19.30 Dolly’s Tea Room, Wine house & Gin Palace, Falmouth – An Evening with John Hudson

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