themes explored in the book

“Your brain is the most important bit of survival kit you own, but first you have to train it to respond better to everyday stressors, as well as the unexpected. A survival mindset can easily be learned, through practical experiences which push your boundaries, by understanding and controlling your responses, along with a healthy dose of ‘what if’ thinking. Changing your thinking to cultivate a survival mindset can help you cope with anything.”

- John Hudson


how to: hone your survival instinct

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how to: be a master of positive psychology

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How to: train your brain for peak performance

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how to: adapt to any environment

How to: expand your own boundaries

how to: improve situational awareness

how to: evade unnecessary stressors

how to: overcome any obstacle

how to: learn from others survival stories

how to: cope when disaster strikes

how to: prioritise under pressure

how to: work smarter not harder

how to: travel with confidence

how to: prepare for the unexpected