Winfields Outdoors

One of the UK's biggest outdoor stores spoke to John about his survival philosophy in an exclusive interview for their extensive blog. Read the article here

The Malestrom

Men's lifestyle magazine The Malestrom recently interviewed John about dealing with extreme situations. The article covered everything, from how John got interested in survival training in the first place to the importance of "adapting to survive". Read it here 

John Hudson FRGS

John Hudson FRGS

realm & empire

John was interviewed by UK clothing company Realm and Empire who use the Imperial War Museum's collections as a start point for some of their designs. John shared tips and advice, including some that the military have known for years; like which natural fibres and fabrics can work really well in the outdoors. 


camping insider

“An ex RAF helicopter pilot and now the chief instructor at the UK military's survival school, John Hudson is no stranger to adventure. Whether he's bringing the harsh jungles of Asia to heel or climbing at altitude in the Atacama Desert, Hudson is a walking 'how to survive' handbook…”

 Read the whole interview here.


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